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Prepare for Guile 2.0: fix obsolete and deprecated calls in Guile code.
* am/guile.m4: Import from Mailutils. * Use AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED to define a replacement for socklen_t. * src/guile.c (guile_debug): Protect calls to SCM_DEVAL_P &c. by #ifdef GUILE_DEBUG_MACROS (guile_process_proc_handler): Use scm_apply_3 to avoid unwanted evaluation of parameters. (guile_load_path_append_handler) (guile_to_anubis, guile_process_proc): Remove the uses of deprecated Guile functions. * src/logport.c [!HAVE_SCM_T_OFF](scm_t_off): New typedef. (scm_tc16_anubis_error_port) (scm_tc16_anubis_info_port): Change type to scm_t_bits. (_make_anubis_log_port): Use scm_new_port_table_entry instead of the deprecated scm_add_to_port_table. (_anubis_error_port_seek): Fix signature and return type.
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