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+This is the GNU Anubis package.
+This is a *pre-release* version, and not ready for production
+use yet. If you are taking source from CVS, you will need to
+have autoconf, automake, yacc*, lex**, and gettext installed
+to help contribute. The script `' is provided to help
+autoconfigure Anubis from the CVS src. After you run `',
+there should be a file `INSTALL' with (generic) installation
+* or bison
+** or flex
+Report bugs to <>
+To get this information from CVS issue the following commands:
+ cvs -d login
+Press enter when prompted for a password.
+ cvs -d checkout anubis
+This will give you read-only access. If you think you need write access,
+contact the mailing list.
+In order to build this you will need to call the auto* tools with
+the right arguments, see or run the `'.

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