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diff --git a/lib/Apache/Config/ b/lib/Apache/Config/
index 78ec376..10bf4a3 100644
--- a/lib/Apache/Config/
+++ b/lib/Apache/Config/
@@ -371,15 +371,19 @@ is taken care of by the caller.
=head1 EXAMPLE
- my $obj = new Apache::Admin::Config::Preproc('/etc/httpd/httpd.conf',
+ my $obj = new Apache::Config::Preproc('/etc/httpd/httpd.conf',
-expand => [qw(compact include ifmodule macro)],
-indent => 4) or die $Apache::Admin::Config::ERROR;
print $obj->dump_raw
-The above program loads Apache configuration from file
+This snippet loads the Apache configuration from file
F</etc/httpd/httpd.conf>, performs all the built-in expansions, and prints
the result on standard output, using 4 character indent for each additional
level of nesting.
+=head1 SEE ALSO

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